Klubb Visuals delved into the filter niche at the start of 2019, with an intent to make captivating virtual experiences that have an impact on the consumer.

We see filters as a way for companies and businesses to express themselves through an array of aesthetic and functional purposes.

Such filters do not only solidify a current fan-base of consumers but also introduce new customers as the user is prompted to share themselves with the filter on.

Klubb Visuals had the privilege to conceptualize a filter for LA-based premium sunglass corporation LULA PACE. Our objective was to create a filter that replicated their LUX range in a virtual try-on session, natively through Instagram.  The user could tap between three variants of the collection, and see which alternative they prefer.

The filter provided a functional use, as the user could see how they look with the premium sunglasses, and see which color suits them. If the user is satisfied with the fitting and variant, they can then purchase the legitimate sunglass of the LULA PACE website.

The filter lets the product speak for itself, it complements the commodity while giving it a point of difference to its competitors. Furthermore, the filter also provides an aesthetic benefit. If the user feels beautiful in the filter, they are inclined to share it on social media. This provides LULA PACE with organic and natural exposure, which correlates with their tasteful advertising.

In total, the filters have reached 75k people, 2.3k captures and 250 shares. In saying this, there was no promotion aside from re-posting users that wore the filter.

You can try the filter here, tag @klubbvisuals and @lula_pace if you share the filter.

Image courtesy of LULA PACE


Can I commission a filter?

Of course, Just shoot me an email :)


When did you start filter-making?

Early 2019, and then in August of that year I released my first filter.


How do I use your filters?

Most of my filters are accessible via my personal Instagram (@lucasklubbi), for anyone to use. Filters I create for brands are on their social pages.


Can you make filters for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook?


Any further questions?

Contact me here (


Many brands such as Disney, Adidas, Gucci, and Off White have tapped into the filter industry, releasing filters which have garnered press.


Virgil Abloh's Off-White released a filter which applied 3d sunglasses on the user, promoting their new range. When a user takes a photo with the filter, they are prompted to share it on their Instagram Story.


Additionally, when a follower sees such story, the filter and creator are linked at the top left corner. This forms brand recognition, therefore bringing awareness to the identity in question.


The “glossss” filter was the first filter released under Klubb Visuals.


The filter contains a shiny overlay, complemented by jewelry-like hearts that border the user’s face. Additionally, smoothing and face slimming effects were added.

The goal in mind for the “glossss” filter was to create an aesthetically pleasing experience. I wanted my followers to have confidence in their self-image and self-esteem.


The slimming and smoothing effects made the user generally happier and therefore, the user spent more time capturing moments with the filter. In total, this filter had 225,000 impressions, 15,000 captures, and 2,500 shares to story.


"OH HI" is a filter we made for @ookioh. Our client wanted something simple and cute, with a few color variations. 

Followers of the brand were inclined to share this filter with their audience which contributes to the culture and fanbase of OOKIOH.

You can find OOKIOH at urban outfitters or on their website.


Postered is an online shop for sunglasses using virtual try-on technology. The personalized recommendation system scans your face shape to find sunglasses that look best on you. Postered features best-selling brands including Ray-Ban, Quay, Oakley, IVI, Maui Jim, and more.

Klubb Visuals was hired to bring such virtual try-on technology natively through Instagram filters. This gave users an opportunity to experiment with the technology through Instagram, which then prompted them to download the application.

The Postered app is only available for iPhones with the depth camera, but this filter made a portion of the application accessible for all Androids and iPhones. 

Image courtesy of Ray-Ban.


The CUTT LABEL commissioned us to create two minimal and clean filters for their Instagram page.

"The Cutt Life" stands for brand loyalty and dedication, making the logo itself an aesthetic.

"Mercury Retrograde" was the second filter which was released with a new garment collection of the same title. 

The filter thumbnails are meant to replicate a MAC style face chart.


"Summer Rain" is a filter conceptualised for Dutch model and signer Nienke Jansz.

The filter plays the chorus her song, Summer Rain, and consists of two overlays, both relevant to the title.

This filter was released along with the song, fans shared the filter to their Instagram Stories, increasing reach for Nienke's new single.

The “Karambit” filter is based on Klubb Visuals' personal and ideal aesthetic. We wanted to play with themes of uncomfortableness, but add an overlay of beauty which overcomes the initial despise.


The facial morphing for both filters was inspired by the facial expressions and looks of Gigi Hadid.

With the “Venus” filter, my idea was to create a fairly simple product, that had a high fashion runway feel.


I decided to release both of these filters together, as they have similar aesthetics and I would be more inclined to do a create hype with promo material.