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Klubb Visuals started their virtual model and 3D artistry journey at the start of 2019, through @candiceklubb. We used Candice as a way to gain skills and confidence in the 3D medium, while also creating brand awareness. When the skillset grew, so did Candice. 

Klubb Visuals' 3D models are forever evolving and subject to change. As the skills grow, they do too. Candice has taken eleven months to get to where she is now. There are always changing things about her and other models.

At Klubb Visuals, we see our virtual models as a conversation piece. They spark a further discussion on many issues. Candice and Bambi add value by making people think outside the box. Subjects like ethics and morals come into play when talking about them.

A word from Candice:

Can you tell me something about yourself? Where you live, what's your age?
Hey, I'm Candice, I'm a 23-year-old virtual model from Australia. I'm a virtual model that has grand aspirations and dreams.
Do you have hobby's, do you like sports, if so, what kind of?
Right now, I'm discovering myself and working on my happiness. I love my job, modeling makes me feel dominant and authoritative.
Why do you think your followers believe in you?
My followers believe in me because they have seen how far I've gone. I guess my progress has inspired them. I also think my audience is very intrigued by what I do.
What are you trying to add to society with your Instagram account?
All I'm trying to do is add another perspective to things and bring up a range of modern-day themes and topics. I'm not asking to be accepted by society. I don't want to be like everyone else. I just want to promote further analysis and such.
What do you want to convey to your followers?
I hope that my followers realize that not everything online or in the media is true. I am an extreme example of this concept. Most sources of entertainment are fake, whether it be in the modeling industry, sports industry, and media scene, just to name a few.


Can I commission my own virtual model?

Of course, Just shoot me an email :)


Can one of your already established virtual models participate in a brand deal?



When did you start making the virtual avatars?

At the start of 2019, I conceptualized a virtual model named Candice (@candiceklubb), to help me learn the tricks of the trade.


How long does it take to make a new character?

To make a new character, it usually takes 5-10 hours. This is excluding render time and revisions from the client. It takes more than one sitting to perfect the model.


How long does it take to make one post/promo material for an already established model?

 It depends, sometimes it can take half a day, sometimes a week.


Are the virtual models created by a team?

In reference to Candice, I created her mainly by myself, however, Candice is only possible due to fellow 3d artists selling items such as virtual hair, eyebrows, skin texture and etc. Such items are edited in external programs to give her a unique look.

Any further questions? Contact me at


One of the most notable virtual avatars, Miquela, has established herself in the music industry, although she is a virtual avatar. People connect with Miquela as "she" is a trendy, cute and progressive character.


She is a representation of what society finds ‘beautiful’ or trendy in this day and age. Even though she is an avatar, she appears real.


To further leverage her success, Miquela has collaborated with Samsung and Calvin Klein. This proves that virtual influencers like Candice Klubb can garner success and are applicable for commercial use.


Shudu is another iconic virtual avatar. She is known for her modeling work, as she has been seen doing collaborations with Ellesse, Vogue, and Balmain.


Candice Klubb (@candiceklubb) is the first virtual avatar I released. She is regal, empowering and confident.

She is the “Queen Bee” of my virtual model empire. Candice possesses supermodel-like traits and has authority to her name.



We were hired by DredLab to create a custom avatar, which embodies everything their brand stands for morally and ethically.

DredLab stands for diversity and inclusivity, and we wanted this avatar to speak for the brand.

Along with creating the avatar, we were also commissioned to conceptualize a still image for the Black Lives Matter movement. The scene's background is a real place, that the owner of DredLab wanted digitally recreated. The avatar is also wearing a custom garment created by Korean artist Gwen Kim.


Below are some of my virtual clones. Custom skin and eye textures are created for every clone, and the shape is created from multiple references. This is a process that cannot be automated and has to be carefully done, often taking multiple days per avatar.\

After the inital creation process, such virtual models can then be placed in any environment, garment, video, or image.

Zheani, Charli D'Amelio, Melanie Valentine, Raackkxx and James Charles, are the real people that have been virtually transformed. 






Melbourne, Australia

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